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The Stewardship Program

Stewardship is a program of the Christian Life Division of the Evangelism Department of the Church. It aims at creating awareness and educating the Christians of the very topic of Stewardship.
Mission Statement

ELC-PNG has the duty to develop its members holistically and show them how to build an intimate relationship with their Creator God by being a responsible steward of God's blessings and reciprocate with a heart full of thanksgiving.

A. To help him/her.

1. To know and understand God and His purpose for his/her life.
2. To understand him/herself, his/her potentials (talents/ will power) and purpose in life.
3. To eliminate all liabilities and negativity of the mind by renewing of the mind set.
4. To be a responsible steward of his/her life, family, community, church, country and the world.
5. To manage his/her resources (tangible and intangible) for the good of all.
6. To manage and care for the environment (universal & natural resources).
7. To take ownership of his/her life, family, church, and country by being self-reliant and financially independent.
8. To be prosperous, self-sustaining, and a heart full of devotion and thanksgiving for his/her gracious God.

B. To develop each individuals, families, communities, church and the country to be responsible, self-reliant and financially independent

* 1. Awareness
1. Doing 45 minutes to 1 hour awareness of stewardship programs, objectives, activities and its benefits.
* 2. Bible Study
1. Conducting of Bible Studies on Christian and moral principles, divine Laws of nature and skills of particular areas of management and responsibility as God's steward.
2. click here to read the Stewardship Bible Study
* 3.Personal Empowerment Training for Better Living.(Gutpela Sindaun)
1. It is a week's training to develop a person holistically to enable him/her to become viable and productive, and contribute meaningfully to the development and prosperity of his/her life, family, community, church, country and the world, as God's faithful steward of His creation. The order of development: mental, spiritual, physical, emotional and financial aspects of life.


1. 1.Young people - School Leavers.
2. 2.Women
3. 3.Villagers
4. 4.Town Settlement Dwellers
5. 5.Family Unit (Whole Family Development)
6. 6.Schools: Primary - College/Seminaries


1. 1.Rev. Yassam Aiwara - Research Officer
2. 2 Ms. Dawa Kale - Stewardship Trainer/Coordinator

Contact Us

Stewardship Program
ELC-PNG P.O Box 80
Lae, Morobe Province
Ph: +675 4723636 / +675 4723711
Mobile: +675 72895016

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