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Written by Warime Guti   
Thursday, 08 April 2010 00:10

The Youth Division

The Youth Office is a Division of the Evangelism Department. It mainly focuses on spiritual and physical development of youths in the ELC-PNG. The National Youth Office coordinates district capacity building workshops, district youth bible camps, districts youth conferences for each ELC-PNG Districts to empower them work with their respective youth programs. National Conferences and other National youth events are organized by the National Youth Office. There are 17 District Youth Coordinators in each of the respective districts of ELC-PNG.










The youth office has a core strategy called the FIVE STAR DEVELOPMENT that it follows. The FIVE STAR DEVELOPMENT strategy comprises of :

1. Christian Faith Building

Help build and strengthen the Christian Faith that our forefathers have walked with the Lord and have seen wonders of His love. We still the maintain the same faith but it is only some physical conducts and rituals in worship that are conflicting to the youths of ELC-PNG. Activities include Bible Study Camps, Youth Fellowship, youth prayer hour…)

2. Evangelism

Evangelism aims at empowering youths to do other Church work. Whilst helping out and they will learn duty such as to Evangelise, preach, drama, conduct liturgy, lead song, congregation administration, church elder, gjemsao…)

3. Stewardship

The Stewardship aims at helping youths being self reliant. They must take ownership of their church and must be committed in their respective duties as a youth, brother, sister, daughter or son in the Christian Family. They must take ownership of all the creation of God that they will identify themselves as someone special in the creation of the Lord.

4. Capacity Building

The Capacity building aims at building up the capacity in terms of skilled profession, literacy, administration work etc…

5. Christian Social Activities (Sports etc…)

Social Activities aim at helping the youths with Christian oriented social activities such as sports, music concert, singsing, dram night, coffee night etc…

All youth programs and youth activities carried out by respective parish and congregation fall under the FIVE STAR DEVELOPMENT strategy.
Current Status

Currently the youth division is facing a lot of challenges working with the growing vast majority of all cross section of youths throughout ELC-PNG District. The cross sections include rural or village youths, settlement youths, town/city street youths, educated youths in the college, secondary schools and universities. Each of the cross section have their own problems and respective ways of seeing the solution and the FIVE STAR DEVELOPMENT is a guiding strategy to meet the vision of our God almighty that all youth must be saved in haven than being lost in hell.
The National Youth Office consist of the

1. National Youth Director - Mr. Faen Mileng,
2. Five Star Coordinator - Mr. Baim Alung,
3. Basic Skills Trainer - Mr. Gibing Oboko,
4. Project Development Coordinator - Mr. Starkey Gepung,
5. Bible Study Material Development - Rev. Matei Ibak,
6. Muti-media production - Lutheran Communication.
7. The 17 District youth Coordinators

The Youth Policy Review

With a lot of challenges with working with youths because of changing societies; the National Youth Division has passed a decision to review and updated its policy. Work has already been started. The Papua New Guinea Lutheran Students & Graduates Partnership has voluntarily stepped in to help the youth division with the work. An initial workshop was already conducted on the 30th June to 4th July 2008 where Youth Coordinators from each of the 17 Districts turned up. The workshop involved reflections of each Districts coordinator with the work that they are doing, the National Youth Office staff. Problems were discussed and shared among. At the end of the week invited guest from other NGO and youth groups from other denomination were invited to present themselves to the participants. Some of the presentation poses many of the weakness that we can not help ourselves and has brought in some light. After the workshop facilitator compiles the report of the workshop with recommendation then the next step is to be taken. The Divisions aims to review the Policy before 2010.

The National Youth Conference

The National Youth Conference is help biannually from Districts to Districts. The national conference is a week long event of bible study, gospel music celebration, bible quiz, contemporary music and traditional singsings and most discussing current issues that are affecting the youths the ELC-PNG.

The Last National Conference was help in the Niugini Ailan District, Rabaul in 2007. The next National Conference in 2009 will be held in the Jiwaka District. Updates of the Conference will be posted when details are gathered from the organizing committee.
Events of the Year

1. Project plan for Youth Development Resource Center
2. District Youth Conferences
3. Miti Culture
4. ELC-PNG Day
5. Christ in Culture Show
6. Youth Training workshop
7. Lutheran School's Easter Camp
8. The PNGLTSGP National Convention
9. The PNGLTSGP Outreach

For more information, contact

1. Mr. Faen Mileng
2. The Director
3. National Youth Office
5. P.O Box 80
6. Lae
7. Phone: 472 3636/3711 ext

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