REV. WENGE: Proclamation of the Gospel is my concern for ELC-PNG. Print
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Written by Warime Guti   
Friday, 21 May 2010 06:55

On the 9th of April, at the first retreat of the Evangelism and the Ministerial Training department, the Head Bishop Right Reverend Giegere Wenge emphasised with passion, confidence and courage that his main concern is that the work of the proclamation of the Gospel to be restored as the core functions of the Church.

After being elected and consecrated as the Head Bishop, Rev. Wenge did not chair any formal Church council meetings yet or gave a formal speech to the church spelling out his vision and dream to lead ELC-PNG. It was at the retreat of the two core department of ELC-PNG that his Vision to lead ELC-PNG was presented.

He presented an information pamphlet titled “HEAD BISHOP’S VISIONARY PLAN 2010 & BEYOND.” In his brief information pamphlet he listed six (6) main priority areas he has the vision to focus on. These are:

1. Wok Gutnius
2. Institutions & Training
3. Resource Management
4. Administrative Management
5. Church Unity
6. Church Communications

With his top priority being the proclamation of the gospel he personally made his commitment to attend this retreat and assured the staff and the department heads that he is full heartedly with them. In his presentation he directed that after the retreat proper consultation should be organized to look more into the proposed Corporate Plan of the Evangelism and Ministerial Training department as the Ministry sect of ELC-PNG. He said that he had looked into the proposed Corporate Plan and had some ideas that he wanted to share with the respective officers in charge of the Corporate Plan.


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