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Written by Warime Guti   
Thursday, 22 January 2009 00:00

As passed by the 27th National Synod, the new planning document titled Vision 2020 will be implemented this year. Right after the January Synod, 8000 copies of the Vision 2020 documents were printed and delivered to the ELC-PNG Planning Liaison officer Mr. Jerry Daniels. The document was produced in two versions, Tok Pisin and English version. 4000 copies of each version were printed.

According to Mr. Daniels these documents will be distributed to all the ELC-PNG staff from the National office, the ELC-districts staff, the ELC-PNG agency schools and health centers and to all the local Parishes of ELC-PNG.

Distribution for the ELC-PNG National Office staff’s has already begun. Each of the seven department of ELC-PNG has already been issued copies of the document to be disseminated to its respective staff.

The distribution of the copies for the district offices and the local congregations will be delayed until the new officials are in office as per Mr. Daniels’ response when interviewed.

After the distribution Mr. Daniels stated that there will be continuous consultations to assist local congregations, circuits and districts to make their plans.

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