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Evangelical Lutheran Church of Papua New Guinea
Keynote Address by Dr. Kemung at the 28th ELC-PNG National Synod PDF Print E-mail
Written by Warime Guti   
Monday, 09 January 2012 04:56

Click below to read the Keynote Address to the 28th ELCPNG National Synod by Dr. Rev. Zirajuki Kemung.

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First youth female as a district youth Coordinator of one of ELC-PNG’s 17 Districts. PDF Print E-mail
Written by Warime Guti   
Thursday, 14 April 2011 06:25

For more than 50 years since ELCPNG was established there has not been a youth female who has hold a position of such responsibility. It is a privilege for the first time to have a young female being one of the 17 ELC-PNG district Youth Coordinators.

Among the other 16 male district Youth Coordinators who participated  in a Review workshop carried out by the National Youth Ofifice last month was Ms. Dika Napkai who is currently the Youth Coordinator of Papua district. Papua district is one of the few Urban Church district of ELCPNG.It  was during this workshop that she was asked  some questions.

Would you give a brief history of your life?
I am 26 years old and I come from a mixed parentage of Siassi (in the Morobe Province) and Hanuabada (in the Central Province). I come from a family of 7 of which I am the second born and the eldest daughter. My family resides in Port Moresby City and we attend the Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, English Congregation.

I work as the Administration Officer for iTEL (PNG) Microtech, a nationally owned IT Firm. I enjoy baking, traveling and taking pictures of the natural environment.

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Last Updated on Saturday, 16 April 2011 01:37
People With Disability (PWD) workshop, 2011 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Jacob Barka   
Thursday, 14 April 2011 03:00

Luteran Sios i holim nambawan woksop bilong tokaut na tok klia long wok bilong wok wantaim ol manmeri pikinini husat igat hevi long bodi bilong ol (People with disability—PWD). Woksop ikamap long dei 14 igo 18 bilong mun March. Wok wantaim PWD em ino nupela kain wok insait long Luteran Sios. Dispela wok ibin kamap pinis insait long sios bipo. Tasol sios ino bin lukluk moa long en na wok ibin slip istap. Nau Sios i laik lukluk long en gen, long wanem, insait long nupela wakabaut i bihainim tingting driman bilong sios (Visen 2020), sios i luk save olsem insait long family ino ol gutpela manmeri pikinini tasol istap. I gat sampela memba bilong family husat igat hevi long bodi bilong ol tu i stap. Olsem  na long inapim tingting driman bilong en, sios i mas lukluk long olgeta rot bilong helpim strongim  haushold (family). Long dispela as sios i laik kirapim na strongim tu dispela wok bilong wok wantaim PWD na mekim dispela wok ikamap wanpela bilong ol programs bilong sios.

Dispela woksop em i kamap bilong tok aut na tok klia long ol lida bilong sios bilong yumi, ELCPNG, olsem dispela wok igat bikpela nid istap insait long sios bilong yumi. Sios imas lukluk long en na kirapim gen na strongim dispela wok na mekim em kamap wanpela bilong ol programs insait long sios.

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Sermon by Giegere Wenge at the Opening Ceremony of the 28th ELCPNG Synod PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 08 January 2012 21:50

Written by The Head Bishop Rt. Rev. Giegere Wenge


TEXT:   ROMANS12:1-2


Igat pasin bilong GIVIM na pasin bilong KISIM tu istap. Yu givim samting igo long narapela man/meri yu laik givim dispela samting long em na em mas kisim. Na wok bilong GIVIM na KISIM I kam long pinis bilong em.  Sapos dispela pasin bilong givim na kisim I laik stap yet, man husait I kisim samting pastaim I mas givim samting I go bek long man husait I bekim samting. Dispela kain GIVIM na KISIM planti man I kolim WANTOK SISTEM, em wanpela kain lo.  Tasol long dispela text yumi ridim pinis em wanem tok?  God I laik strongim wantok system bilong yumi PNG a?Nogat.  Em laik seklim yumi wanpela gutpela pasin bilong God yet.


1.    Long wanem em I no sot long wanpela samting na yumi helpim em.  Tok I stap pinis.  Rom 11:33-36.
2.    Oloman!!!    Ol gutpela pasin bilong God na tingting na save bilong em I pulap tru na I daun tumas olsem solwara!  Yumi Mn I no inap long painim as bilong olgeta tingting bilong en.  Yumi no inap tru long bihainim olgeta rot bilong em.  Olsem tok I stap long buk bilong God.  “Husat I save pinis long tingting bilong Bikpela?  Husat I bin givim tingting long em?  Na husat I givim samting long God pastaim na God I mas bekim samting long em?  NOGAT TRU.  God yet I mekim kamap olgeta samting na em I as bilong olgeta samting.  Na olgeta samting I bilong em wanpela tasol.  Yumi mas litimapim nem bilong em antap olgeta.  I TRU”.
3.    Paul I tokim yumi olsem olgeta gutpela pasin bilong em, pasin marimari bilong God.  Bilong pinisim olgeta sot bilong yumi turangu man.  

4.    Tasol God I laikim yumi givim BODI bilong yumi long God olsem ofa.  Bilong God I ken senisim.
4.1    Senisim tingting bilong yumi I kamap nupela inap long laik bilong em.
4.2    Senisim pasin bilong yumi I kamap tu olsem bilong em yet.
4.3    Bai yumi ken mekim pasin bilong em, bai yumi givim samting nating long helpim sot bilong ol turangu man.
4.4    Dispela nupela pasin bilong God yumi mas mekim em kamap Lotu long God.

5.    Yumi givim samting long helpim arapela I sot long en.  I nogat bekim bilong en, dispela pasin em I Lotu.

6.    God I amamas long dispela pasin bikos em pasin tru bilong EM.

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The Opening Ceremony of the 28th ELC-PNG National Synod PDF Print E-mail
Written by Warime Guti   
Sunday, 08 January 2012 21:27

Date: 08TH/01/2012

7:00AM – 9:40AM:
    A marching parade started off at the National Sports Institute (NSI) all the way to the Goroka National Park.
    Delegates from 15 of the 17 Districts (New Guinea Islands and Siassi had not yet arrived) of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Papua New Guinea (ELC-PNG) gathered at the NSI field and were led by the host, Goroka District to the National Park where the official opening of the 28th ELC-PNG Synod took place.
    Among those who assembled for the procession were Trumpet Groups, Delegates from the 15 Districts of ELC-PNG, lead by their respective District Presidents, The Head Bishop, The Assistant Bishop, The General Church Secretary, The ELCPNG Department Heads, People with Disabilities and members of the host district and the general public.
    The Highlands Highway came to a complete standstill while Traffic Officers controlled vehicles and the general public as the delegates and officials made their way to the National Park.

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