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Candidates for the Assitant Bishop's Post PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Warime Guti   
Sunday, 11 January 2009 00:00


1. Rev. Sommy Setu

As District: Karkar

Current Employment: Papua, Distrik Presiden


Bugandi High School, Grade 10 Certi

Martin Luther Sem, BA in Theology


Work Experience:

1976-1983 Chaplain, St. Paul’s Lutheran High School with Gut Nius Lutheran Church, Wabag

1984-1985 Industrial Chaplain, Lutheran Shipping, Madang

1986-1996 Chaplain, Bomana, Police Col

1997-1999 Chaplain UPNG, POM

2000-2009 Presiden, ELC Papua Dist Member, ELC-PNG Church Council Member, ELC-PNG Bishop Council



2. Rev Zau Rapa

As District: Hagen

Current Employment : Ekting Bisop


Kentagl Baibel Skull, Sios Wok Trening Setifiket

Logaweng Seminary, Cert in Theology

Work Experience:

1969-1971 Baibel Tisa, Tiria Seket

1976-1980 Wok Pasto

1980-1995 Presiden Tiria Seket

1980-1985 Stewardship Director, ELC-PNG Hagen

1996-2005 Hagen Distrik Presiden

2006-2007 Assistant Bisop, ELC-PNG

2008-2009 Ekting Bisop, ELC-PNG

3. Peter Wamp

As District: Jiwaka

Current Employment: Kuma Seket Pres


Kentagl Baibel Skul, Setifiket

Tisa Trening, Rintebe, Setifiket

Pasto Trening, Ogelbeng Seminary, Setifiket

Lidasip, Stuadsip, Wok Lotu Kos, Setifiket

Intensive English Kos, Balob Tisa Kolis

HIV/AIDS Trening Kos,


Work Experience:

1985-2009 Wok Pasto

1997-2000 Jiwaka Distrik Vice Presiden na Gutnius Dairekta

2000 ELC-PNG Namba 22 Sinod Hosting Siaman

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