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ELCPNG Staff graduated with a Degree in Accounting PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Warime Guti   
Thursday, 28 May 2009 00:00

By Merrian Ken

Bachelor in Business Accounting, PNG Unitech, 2009

It is a Blessing to have achieved another success in life. Having been graduated on the 27th of March 2009 with a Bachelor Degree in Business Accounting at The Papua New Guinea University of Technology.

Thanks God for this great blessing. May all the glory, honor and praises be His.

I joined ELCPNG Real Estate in 2003 with a Diploma in Accounting from Papua New Guinea Univeristy of Technology (PNGUoT) and have work until 2007. From 2007 to 2008, I  did my studies while on job at the same time.

It is an honor to express my appreciation to the following for their great support and commitment towards my achievement. Firstly  big thanks to the Human Resource Department and its head Mr Wilson Waesa and to my own Department (Finance) for their approval of my interest to pursue my studies. Special thanks to the Special Project office, my Sponsor, particularly Mr. Matrus Kamung who made everything possible for me. I extent my appreciation to Mr. Neville Desiang of REMS, Ker Yoke and my fellow work mates and friends for their support in kind and in deed in my success. Finally but not the least big thanks to ELCPNG as a whole for recognizing and allowing such training programmed for its employees and personnel management support.

Having been blessed with another merit is a value added to the Human Resource of the church. ‘ELCPNG’, it is an achievement for your great work time and effort you have invested.

I would therefore like to encourage the Church’s personnel Committee to continue with what you are doing and also to establish a Continuous Professional Development for your highly skilled professional. Traditionally professionals have the knowledge and skills which they may have gained through education and practical experiences, however, these knowledge and skills needs to be updated continuously to meet the continual changes.

The demand for highly skilled professionals is on the rise and today more than ever, a broader range of competencies is required. Such highly skilled Human Resources are scarce.

I have the vision to see changes in my department particular the Real Estate. Many areas of this company like the properties, asset register and many more needs to be properly fixed and accounted. I believe with the help of my department (Finance) ELCPNG Real Estate will be in a better state in the next two to three years time that will be marketable and competitive. I would like to ask the church to look further into development of new properties then just depending on the current ones. Our income could be increased from its current earnings if we invest more on properties and developments.

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