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Ampo Youth colored the National Youth Sunday, Redeemer PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Warime Guti   
Monday, 04 May 2009 00:00

EACH year the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Papua New Guinea (ELCPNG) observes the first Sunday of the month of May as the National Youth Sunday. On this Sunday all congregations throughout the seventeen (17) districts of ELCPNG put in their support for the Youth Ministries through prayers and thanksgiving

One of ELCPNG’s oldest Youth Hall, Immanuel Youth Hall, built by once known active youth ministry of ELCPNG in the 1970’s, Lae Lutheran Youth (LLY); came to life on that day. The 3rd of May 2009 saw the Redeemer Parish congregations in Lae City gathered at the Immanuel Youth Hall for Sunday Service. The service saw youth’s heavily participating in leading music and songs and performing creative dance and a drama.

At the gathering the ELCPNG Evangelism Department’s Secretary, Reverend Binora and the ELCPNG National Youth Director, Mr Mileng were also present. In his speech Rev. Binora challenge the youths to fully utilize the Immanuel Youth Hall which was sitting idle for so many years. He challenged the Redeemer Youth and especially the Ampo Youth Ministry to come up with creative ideas to resurrect the long gone active spirit of fellowship that moved the LLY in those days which he was also a member of in his youth. “ELCPNG Youth’s have to fully utilize this big building [Immanuel Youth Hall]!” Rev Binora stressed.

Usually every year, each of the seventeen districts of ELCPNG gives their offering to the National Youth Office to show their support and ownership of the responsibility to care for the Youths. However, due to financial constraints and geographical locations of most congregations, it has been about ten (10) years since the National Youth Office last send out invitation to districts seeking their support. The National Youth Director, Mr. Mileng was very pleased with the respond so far where the Church of Hope Parish in the Jabem District and the Hagen District Youths already presented their thanksgiving to the National Youth Office at Ampo. On Tuesday 5th May all the way form the Highland District of ELCPNG; the ELCPNG-Hagen District Youth came with their cash offering of K1557.90 to the National Youth Office and garden foods for all the staff at the ELCPNG Headquarter. The food items include thirteen (13) kaukau bags, 12 bunch of banana and bags of fruits and vegetables. Upon receiving the giving the Acting Head Bishop of ELCPNG, Reverend Zau Rapa, thanked them and gave a challenging remark to everyone who gathered. “From birth till death, the church is part our life so whatever we do to the Church, we are actually helping ourselves and not another person.” Rev Rapa stated.

Other Youth Ministries are expected to bring in their offering to the National Youth Office anytime this week. Due to geographical locations of most congregations some will take about a month to send in their offering.

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