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World Prayer Day for Papua New Guinea PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Warime Guti   
Sunday, 08 March 2009 00:00

The spirit of the Theme of this year's 2009 World Day of Prayer for Papua New Guinea (PNG) was so evitable in all the events that took place in all the 19 provinces throughout PNG. The 6th March 2009 is a memorable, touching and moving day that will not fade easily from many mothers and sisters who have attended or observed the Word Prayer Day of Prayer whole heartedly.

PNG has nineteen 19 provinces, that are each further politically divided into districts totaling up to 109 electorates. And in all these 109 electorates there was at least an event taken place to observe this day. God was really present as He always does and He gracefully blessed 6th March 2009 with sunshine and cool breezes. Mat 18:20 says that "For where two or three come together in my name, I am there with them." But surely on that day billions of women and faithful Christians all around the world come together that it was so evitable in the nature by which God is. The nature's response showed us that God was ever ready to hear our humble cry to seek His righteousness to prevail. All events around the country started off well and finished off well, there was no hindrance by any natural phenomena like rain, fog, strong wind etc... And likewise the human phenomena like Christian denominational name tags, human titles, human classes and human ethnicity.

Women from all Christian denominations in PNG, (these are Catholics, Protestant, Pentecostals and Ministries) all held hand together and walked in prayer on that day. Many politicians declared public holiday within their respective electorates and skipped a day in parliament seating just to attend and observe the day with the women. Many business and government houses also closed on that they to observe the event.

The main organiser of the 2009 World Day of Prayer for Papua New Guinea is the Women's desk of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of PNG. The preparation started off in 2006 where representative from each Christian denomination gathered to prepare for the day. A National workshop for the day was held last year 2008 where representative from different provinces of the country attended.

The programs leading up to the 6th March were so powerful. There were serial of bible studies aired in various radio stations throughout the country several days leading up to the 6th of March while some churches organise bible studies where women attend. On the 5th of March was the time of reconciliation and forgiveness before going into prayers on the 6th March. The movement of the mothers brought in Christian denomination heads like Bishops, Deacons, Directors, Elders etc... from Catholics, Protestants, Pentecostals and small Ministries. In all these gathering 5th March marks a time of total reconciliation and forgiveness of grudges that sister Christian Churches have against themselves over the years. The spirit of this year's prayer theme: "In Christ We Are Many Members Yet One Body. Romans 12:5" was really displayed by the grace of our Lord God All-Mighty.

The 5th March event saw women interceding on behalf of their husbands, sons, daughters, sisters, government, and business for God's mercy upon the sins that are ignorantly committed everyday.

On the 6th of March 2009, the mothers and women fasted and committed their time for prayers the whole day. Many of the prayer points that the mothers prayed were about the Male's carelessness and ignorance on the original authority that God has given to man. Gen 1:26 quotes to have dominion over the kingdom, Gen 2:15 quotes that man have to cultivate and look after the kingdom. What has man done? We have sold out our birth right to the evil one Lucifer. This is evident in the so many corruptions, inequality, domestic violence, cult, sexual abuse, drug abuse, alcohol abuse and abusive use of the Natural Resources of PNG. All these issues have directly or indirectly been affecting the females and paralysing Papua New Guinea; these were the main prayer points offered on the day.

The National Gathering was held at the Simbu District whilst all provinces have their own gathering. We had a visitor from the AOG Church Australia and two female leaders in the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Bavaria, Germany who attend the prayer day at Simbu. The overseas brethrens who came really displayed the spirit of Unity when they traveled with the mothers by road from Lae to Simbu for about a day through rugged mountains, steep valleys, crossed big rivers. A day before they travel, there was a heavy landslide along the road that they will be traveling by. By God's grace they traveled safely. The landslide did bury several people; the women traveled by, prayed with the families of the deceased and continued their journey.

The day 6th March 2009 marks a new era of Christians in Papua New Guinea but yet many are still lost as to what is going to happen next. The women in Papua New Guinea are so grateful for the International World Day of Prayer Organisers for putting PNG as a country to pray for; especially during this time when disunity is a major factor affecting many communities, churches and families in the county. Women in PNG will commit to pray for Cameroon in 2010 and other country in the years to come. Women in PNG will hold hands and wait in patience and contentment the right time when God is going to answer all these prayers that we have already present to His table of grace.


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