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Planning workshop “towards achieving V2020” PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Warime Guti   
Friday, 21 May 2010 06:27

On the 29th to 30th April 2010, the Church Partnership Program (CPP) organised and facilitated a Vision 2020 planning workshop. The theme of the workshop was ‘Towards Achieving Vision 2020’.

According to the CPP Manager and the facilitator, Mr. Gumembi, the participation turned out to be very successful. Participants include the General Church Secretary, Mr. Albert Tokave, all the seven (7) ELC-PNG department heads and about 90% of the divisional directors of the ELC-PNG programs.
The objective of the workshop was for the participants to share understanding of the capacity areas in ELCPNG that need to be strengthen; develop statements or propositions that describe the ideal situation for each capacity; develop indicators which can be used to assess current reality and increases in capacity; make an assessment of ELC-PNG’s current reality in terms of strength of capacity areas; share hopes for strengthening capacity over the next 3 years;

 start the process of determining the concrete actions/activities to realise these hopes as the basis for planning how to work towards achieving Vision 2020. By the end of last year 2009, ELCPNG has already completed an extensive consultative process to develop its Vision 2020. The task now facing ELCPNG is to determine what it needs to do to achieve the Vision, how it is going to do this, and how it will measure its success: in other words, an iterative process of planning, implementation, monitoring, and measurement/ review that leaves space to respond to emergent issues.

These two days workshop was really a blessing to the programs manager, directors and the church leaders who participated. The participants were really blessed with the outcome of the workshop.

Day one’s activities included identifying the capacity areas where ELCPNG needs to be strong, develop capacity propositions, develop capacity indicators and share understanding. The day two activities included measuring current capacity reality, share hopes for capacity, growth and start planning.

“The main challenge for the departments to effectively get down and do the Vision 2020 planning is how best they can communicate and corporate together.” Mr. Gumembi stated. “CPP will be the main financial source for any of the Vision 2020 planning activities that each ELC-PNG departments will be carrying out.”

“After this workshop CPP now await each departments to get themselves organise and collect the CPP-project proposal form to seek funds and start their respective Vision 2020 planning activities” Mr. Gumembi emphasised.  
For more information or to collect a CPP-project proposal form, you can visit CPP at the Office located at Ampo. Workshop resources are also available online at www.elcpng.org for downloading in PDF format.

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