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The Election of the ELC-PNG Church Officials PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Warime Guti   
Friday, 16 January 2009 00:00

On the fourth day of the 27th National Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Papua New Guinea (ELC-PNG), the election for the new National Church candidate was what anticipated and waited see was at hand.

At 2:55pm, the department secretary of the Evangelism department, Rev. Binora Junare opened the election process with a word of prayer.

After the word of prayer, Mr. Simon Sinai, the Morobe Provincial Electoral Officer from PNG National Electoral Commission spelled out the guidelines to all the voting delegates. The voting system used was the “First past the post” and not the “Preferential Voting System”.

At 3:15pm, Acting Head Bishop, Rev. Zau Rapa pave the way as the first person to vote. After Rev. Rapa casted his votes all districts followed through.

These are the voting delegates in the order of which they voted and the number of voters; Boana district with fifteen (15) delegates, Goroka district with twenty-one (21) delegates, Hagen district with twenty-one (21), Immanuel district with twenty-one (21), Jiwaka district with twenty-one (21), Kainantu district with twenty-one (21), Karkar district with twenty-one (21), Kote district with twenty-five (25) delegates, Madang district with twenty-one delegates, Mumeng district with fifteen (15) delegates, Niugini Ailan district with twenty-one (21) delegates, Papua district with twenty-one (21) delegates, Siassi district with twenty-one (21) delegates, Simbu district with twenty-two (22) delegates, Ukata district with twenty-one (21) delegates, Jabem district with twenty-five (25) delegates, East-Simbu district with fifteen (15) delegates and the General Secretary Mr. Isaac Teo was the last person with his vote closing the voting process.

The total votes stands at three-hundred and fifty (350). The total votes also includes the General Secretary’s and the Acting Head Bishop’s votes.

At 5:11pm the counting started. It took about a hour and a half before the result was announced. At 6:15pm, the Provincial Returning Electoral Officer announced the results of the votes.

The conference Hall at the time of the declaration was really packed with Christians eagerly straining their ears to hear the results.

These are the results of the total votes: out of the three-hundred and fifty votes (350), seven (7) votes were informal. This leaves three-hundred and forty-three (343) valid votes.


Mr. Albert Tokave had one-hindered and ninety-eight (198) while Mr. Isaac Teo had one-hundred and forty-nine (149) votes. From this counting three (3) votes were ruled as informal.


Rev. Zau Rapa had one-hundred and eirgty-eight (188), Rev. Sommy Setu had ninety (90) votes and Rev. Peter Wamp had seventy (70) votes. From this counting, two (2) were ruled as informal.


Rev. Giegere Wenge had one-hundred and fifteen (115) votes, Rev. Kasek Kautil had eighty-four (84) votes, Rev. Dr. Zirajuki Kemung had eighty-four (84) votes and Rev. Tom Sine had sixty-five (65). From this counting two (2) votes were ruled as informal.

From the counting these are the newly elected Church Officials of the ELC-PNG.

  • The Head Bishop elect – Rev. Giegere Wenge
  • The Assistant Bishop elect – Rev. Zau Rapa
  • The General Secretary – Mr. Albert Tokave
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